The Awareness Wheel (Women On The Hunt: Why Your Appearance Matter In Your Present Relationship)


Married women get frustrated with their husbands because they want attention and when they get it the marriage can often end in divorce. This is when the preparation for the hunt begins, women focus on their appearance by shedding pounds just for the hunting. Had this been their mindset, before the divorce, to keep the man they had and to keep his attention the marriage could have survived. Now they are on the hunt doing everything they can to trap their new prey. Often after Women get divorced or while they are single do they plan meticulously for the hunt. Getting their hair and nails done, buying new clothes, and putting on a new attitude. These are things we must do to keep the men we already have in our lives. Men use their eyes when they’re dealing with women, if you are married it’s your Job to fill his eye gate with the proper visuals that will keep his attention on you. Women are master hunters and they should master this skill with their partners. This is why it’s important to always think of sustaining the very appearance of beauty that drew you together in the first place.

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