The Awareness Wheel (How Men and Women Should Show Up In Their Relationships)


This week Mr. Laws discuss the different views men and women have about relationships with his guest host Aisha Laws. They will discuss how men and women should show up in their relationships. Mr. Laws begin this broadcast discussing how men have been conditioned throughout generations with a mindset that focus on how many women they can get, which has skewed their mindset. Men need to understand they are missing out on the rubies (valuable females) in their lives. While men desire to be honored they have to be reconditioned to understand the value God has placed in women. The radio program, airs every Sunday morning, it focuses on providing holistic insight to improving relationships with the Family Strengthening Practice Model. Audiences will now be able to tune in to “Advice 4 Life” on Heaven 600 AM on the radio or iHeart Radio to learn more about ways to improve.

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