Advice 4 Life (Feelings vs. Thoughts, Clearing Your Distortions) Part 2


Today Advice 4 Life will discuss feelings. Next Week we will finish the Love Language Series. Al & Aisha Laws break down the Relationship skills and the Use of the Awareness Wheel Tools. Masters the awareness wheel allows you to become skilled at your own feelings and those of others. Feelings are related to how we think and often we confuse feelings with thoughts, the two must be separated and or divided which allows us to understand how we get caught in our feelings. Lets listen to this dynamic braodcast. " Listeners will learn effective skills that have been proven to benefit relationships. Audiences will now be able to tune to “Advice for Life” on Heaven 600 AM on the radio and or iHeart radio to learn more about ways to improve communication and promote love within the household and community. Also we Are on Facebook Live every Tuesday at 8:30 pm et.

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