Advice 4 Life (Being Authentic Means Being Vulnerable and Unhidden)


What does it means to be real and authentic in a relationship? How can one be the opposite in their heart of what they display to other. This is a true sign that the relationship is not real and that the hidden things we keep inside are doing more harm to us than others. We have to understand what it means to be authentic in all our relationships and from this advantage point we can be balanced and set boundaries that help us be more authentic. The radio program, airing every Sunday, will focus on providing holistic insight to improving relationships with the Family Strengthening practice model. Audiences of the radio show are encouraged to learn more about themselves and how they can improve their relationships. Listeners will learn effective skills that have been proven to benefit relationships. Audiences will now be able to tune to “Advice for Life” on Heaven 600 AM on the radio and or iHeart radio to learn more about ways to improve communication and promote love within the household and community. Also we Are o Facebook Live every Tuesday at 8:30 pm et.

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