Apr 15, 2018

Friendship That Can Stand The Test of Time

Relationshp are not friendships but freindships are relationships. In life we look for that special someone to share our deepest, darkest, happiness and loneliness with. We think its our spouse, shcoolmate, or that special sibling who sticks close even when its hard. However, frinedships are not something you choose, it just happens and it reveals itself through the test of time. The world just seems less lonely when you have someone who is your person. Let's listen to Al and Aisha Laws as they share deeper insights into what it means to be a friend.

Apr 8, 2018

How To Be Helpful In Our Lives With People We Care For And Are In Relationship With.

In this series Al and Aisha will discuss friendship and the difference between asscoiation and true frinedhsip. Friendship is not just about male to male or female to female it is deeper. In marriage we tend to exclude the process of building a friendhsip with our spouses. We fail to go deeper because the intimacy in marriage is on the same scale as that of friendship. Relationships we classify as friendships have a level of authenticity that is genuine, trustworthy, faithful and loyal. Lets go deeper into this topic with Al and Aisha Laws as they expound on the realities of true freindship. 

Apr 1, 2018

Limiting Places In Our Life and Heart When We Are Disappointed

In this session Al and Aisha Laws discuss a very important gem that can transform how we move inertia from our life. All of us have experienced disaapointment at some point in our lives, but when that dissapointment affects how we move forward (or not) we need Advice that can push us into our destinies. We put up walls and hinder our relationsip progress when dissapointment chokes our ability to continue in love. Lets sit back and listen to Advice 4 for our life with Al and Aisha Laws. 

Mar 25, 2018

Dynamics We Face In Our Relationships

Often in relationships we tend to find blame with others and we forget that without God we are insufficient. We have to learn to live up to the power of our own process and by doing so we acknowlwedge that we cannot be our best selves without God's grace. Let's listen in as Al and Aisha Laws share their Advice 4 our lives and help us improve on our relationships. Remeber you are only your best self when you can acknowledge your process and live within that awareness. 


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